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High Heels Improve Your Look Tremendously

In the last part of my Dress to Impress series, we talked about hosiery and getting those legs sexy!  Now we have to finish off the look…with heels!

High Heels with Ms. Christine

What sexy gurl doesn’t rock sexy high heels?

Do You Need High Heels To Impress Your Mistress?

I know many of you sissies think that the higher the heel the better.  They don’t call stilettos, “Fuck Me Pumps” for nothing.  High heels will make those legs look sexy, because they tighten your calves and actually trick the admiring eye into thinking your legs are longer than they are.  One way of ruining the look is wobbling around, and not knowing how to walk in them!  Before you decide on sky high stilettos, make sure you read my post on Perfecting Your Sexy Strut.  And I really don’t like really high heels on my taller gurls.  I should be towering over you, you shouldn’t be looming over me.  Then again, when you’re on your knees, the height on those heels don’t really matter, now do they?

Open or Closed Toe?

Well, that all depends on who you’re trying to impress!  Now, this series is about impressing me, your Feminization Mistress, but if you’re trying to impress some sexy stud, you need to figure him out.  There’s a lot of foot fetishists here at The Enchantrix Empire, but it’s not just submissive guys who are fascinated by feet!  If you’re going to go with open toed shoes, just make sure you’ve had a quality pedicure.  No one wants to see hairy Hobbit feet poking out of those shoes!

High Heels… The Colors

Like I’ve said before, pick something that matches what you’re already wearing.  Beige and black high heel shoes will go with anything, but if you’re going to pick out some other color, make sure it compliments your outfit.  That goes for the whole package as well, everything you’re wearing should be flattering overall.  So, if you’re going to wear that sundress with bare legs, strappy sandals with a heel or even a wedge, are definitely the way to go.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Legs: Let’s Pick out Something, Part 1

Sexy Legs with Ms. Christine

Impress me with your sexy legs my sexy gurl!

First Let’s Get Those Legs Sexy

If you’re following my dress to impress plan, then you’ve slipped into your panties, you put on a bra.  Now it’s time to get those sexy legs ready!  The first thing you need to do is get them all smooth.  No one wants a sissy with hairy legs!  So, get yourself in the bathroom and shave those gams.  In fact, you should have done that before you put anything on – make sure there’s no hair or stubble anywhere below your neck!  WE can take care of your face later!  And remember, a smooth sissy is a happy sissy.

Should You Wear Anything?

Depending upon what time of year it is, you might dare to go bare!  There’s nothing wrong with a pair of bare, smooth, tanned legs.  If you’re going to go with a sundress or a very short skirt, you can decide to go without any hosiery at all.  With a sundress, it’s just what’s expected – the point is to wear light clothes that aren’t going to heat you up.  With a very short skirt, you might not want to come off as slutty – showing the lace tops of your thigh highs or worse, the bottom edge of the control top of your pantyhose.  Oh, and if you’re using a garter belt – so hot! – make sure you put that garter belt and the stockings on BEFORE your panties. Trust me, when you slide out of your panties and want to keep your stockings and heels on, you’ll thank me!

Stockings or Pantyhose

I’d say thigh high stockings – black and sheer.  I think they lend just the right sexiness and black looks so good with red, pink, or most any girlie color. Oh, and thigh highs allow for easy access!  They don’t have to be, let’s say, overtly slutty.  With the right skirt or dress, no one will know that they’re thigh highs – except you, and that will put you in the right mindset!  Now, in one special case, I’d recommend pantyhose, and that’s if you’ve got a little bit of a belly, or you want ones that enhance your ass!  Having you feel sexy and available will impress your Mistress with your attitude!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Let’s Pick Out A Bra

You Need A Bra To Go with The Panties

Bra shopping with Ms Christine

It’s time to find the perfect bra…

What kind of sissy slut are you, going braless?  Leaving your tits hanging out is no way to dress to impress!  Here’s a quick fact, did you know that up until Victorian times it was actually fashionable for women to go around topless?  I’m not talking about tribal women in Africa or the South American rainforests!  One designer actually made a topless dress for one of the Queens of England – and they didn’t chop off his head, so it must have been okay.  But no longer sissy, so we need to pick out a sexy bra for you, one that will compliment your panties and your other clothing, and show off the assets you have – or will have, when I’m done with you!

Breast Forms

Before we pick out a bra, are we going with or without breastforms?  Some men are breast men, and some are leg and ass men (and we’ll get to your legs next post), so you may be able to get away with a padded A-cup bra.  Some of you have moobs, and will be able to use what nature has graced you with!  If you’re going to get breast forms, make sure you pick out quality ones.  Check out my post on Filling Those Bra Cups for some tips.

So Many Bras

Which bra is right for you?  Well, first off, you want to pick one that compliments your panties.  A good way to do that is to get a bra and panty set.  But, failing that, make sure the colors match, or are mix-n-match and also the material.  Beyond that, there are so many choice – back clasps, front claps, full coverage bras, bras that are deeply cut in the front to show off your cleavage.  You can even go with a demi bra that exposes your nipples if you’re feeling really slutty. My best suggestion? Call ahead and find a lingerie shop that is comfortable with fitting you for the right bra and make an appointment. 😉

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Picking Out Panties

Panties with Ms. Christine

Becoming a Panty Boi is often the first step!

Let’s Start With Panties

If we’re going to dress to impress, we need to start with the foundation – and those are panties.  This is far and away where most of my sissies start, with a pair of panties.  But, let’s face it, most of you started by filching some panties out of the hamper.  They probably weren’t sexy, they were probably grannie panties.  Those aren’t going to impress anyone!  Let’s find you some sexy lingerie.

Type of Panties

If you were really a girl, I’d say go with a thong or a T-back.  Now, that may work if you have a really tiny clitty – I mean tiny, like most woman would be embarrassed to even call it a clit dick!  If you have anything that’s even respectable in terms of size, a thong is not going to provide enough coverage – even if you gaff you cock and hide it between your legs, because there’s even less material there!  What I find really sexy are boy shorts, tanga panties, and bikini’s.  Enough material to cover what meager gifts God gave you, but still tres femme!

Now A Sexy Color

You know what?  Go with whatever you want here!  Make it sexy, sissy!  Like white, don’t think that’s sexy?  Oh I beg to differ, some lacy white panties with little ruffles all over can make you seem like a virginal bride on her wedding night.  Of course, you know black and red are sexy, and pink is always a favorite, but what about prints?  Get some cheetah print panties and let your animal sexiness out!

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

CrossDressing To Impress…Your Mistress

Who Are You Dressing For Sissy?

Crossdressing for Ms Christine

Crossdressing my gurlies pleases me!

Now, I’m sure you’ve been crossdressing to make yourself feel pretty, to bring out that inner femininity inside of you.  And, it’s okay to dress for yourself, in fact, I encourage it.  But what I’d really like you to think about is how you can honor your Mistress.  When you’re by yourself, dress however you feel comfortable.  When we’re doing I call, I want you to dress to impress…me, your Mistress!

I Dress To Impress

Do you think your Mistress is always dressed up in sky high stilettos, leather corsets and thigh highs?  Sorry to disappoint you, but there are times when I just throw on some shorts, a faded tank top and some flip flops!  But, whenever I’m on a call with you, or I have one of my pets here at home, I dress up in what you’d expect from a Femdom.  Shouldn’t I be able to expect the same from you?

CrossDressing To Impress

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to go through your whole wardrobe, go through your make-up kit and all your wigs (you do have wigs, don’t you sissy?) and talk about how you can dress to impress.  And while it’s primarily going to be to impress me, shouldn’t you impress others?  Maybe another woman you’re trying to outdo, or even those guys you’re trying to ensnare and lead back to your place for a display of your “oral talents”!  Keep checking back here every week, and we’ll make sure you are the sexiest crossdresser on the block.  Next week, we’ll start with panties, so make sure you take an inventory of everything you own.

Your Phone Sex Mistress Christine

Dildo Sucking For Sissies

I’ll teach you to suck my strap-on dildo 😉

You Must Suck

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Crossdressing Training – How To Walk In High Heels, Part 2

Be sure you start off right in those high heels, and read Part 1!

With High Heels It’s One Foot In Front Of The Other

Learn to rock those high heels!

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Crossdressing Training – How To Walk In High Heels, Part 1

You Can’t Walk Like A Man In High Heels

Walking in high heels takes practice!

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From Panties To Pantyhose

It’s time to get you into some silky pantyhose…

Of Course Pantyhose Are Next

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If I Catch You In Panties

Are you wearing panties underneath your…?

You Will Be Feminized

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